The Death of Video games

I don’t know if you have discovered it yet, but gaming seems to have taken on a new roll, a new breed, a new era of pay-to-win garbage. They of course call it free-to-play, but there is nothing free about it. Free as in your lowlife roommate giving some crack so your forever hooked, coming […]

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Senior Portraits at Waterfront Park

This is one of our location we use for Senior Portraits, older kids, or modeling. This is Waterfront Park West side closer to downtown Clermont, FL. It has many backdrops like the lake, the beach, lamp posts, park benches, bike racks and more. Then in the historic district there are 3 historic buildings which have […]

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Nickelodeon Hotel in Orlando, Florida

We have a great opportunity to photograph the Nickelodeon Hotel in Orlando, FL. They needed to updated shots of slides, cakes, gift baskets, and more! This is just some of what we did while we were setup for a full on-location studio session. There trained team brought us the baskets, cakes and food in a […]

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